Food is getting from Spokane to Kharkiv

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Sergey is showing the food distribution for the week of March 21, 2022 to the people of Kharkiv, Ukraine. When he is talking, he is first telling us about a station destroyed no more then a Kilometer from the church. The line of people are waiting at the church for food, both physical & spiritual. In times like these, people come together, not only for food, but for love and encouragement so they can hang on! (Kharkiv STILL has not fallen) The second time Sergey stops to talk to us, he is saying, “Thank you!” and that Alexander, the man next to him, is taking this food around to the people who can’t get out. He says, “We simply tell them about God’s love & how much people around the world, from Spokane USA, are giving to help us!” Keep supporting these people in their struggle for daily food and to give them hope that people care about them! Pray for the families in Kharkiv and visit and donate or buy a t-shirt.

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