Spokane Helps Ukraine Joins the URC

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As the need in Ukraine grows and the story is out of the daily news cycle, we have been blown away by the continued support from Spokane and around the country for the people of Ukraine! People are so generous and just want to help! This has been our intention from the beginning. As things like this go, ‘viral’ it has become a bit overwhelming! Our solution has been to join with like-minded people in the area who have also been working hard to help families in Ukraine and those refugees who have fled to Spokane. This group is called the URC (Ukrainian Relief Coalition). They, like us have been working tirelessly to help our Ukrainian friends. After meeting with them we have decided to join forces!
As you donate or buy T-Shirts at www.spokanehelpsukraine.org your donations are still tax deductible and besides continuing to help in Ukraine, you now have the option to donate to the amazing local work being done here in Spokane. As always, 100% of your donations go directly to help people. We are a 100% volunteer organization who does this because we love God and we love people.
You can see our work here and on our YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram pages. You may not be as familiar with the local work done by the URC and Thrive International. Here are a couple of links to some of the amazing work they done:
Thrive Center Servers Ukrainian Refugees
Governor Visits Thrive Center

May our hearts not grow weary in doing good!

Thank you for your continued support!
URC & Spokane Helps Ukraine Family

Contact us: info@spokanehelpsukraine.org

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